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Jeep Tours in Israel

A jeep tour in Israel is one of the most amazing and unique ways to experience the country. Taking a tour or safari in the depths of the Negev or Judean Deserts near the Dead Sea, Ramon Crater, or Eilat, beyond where normal cars can go, or in the green hills of the Galilee, is an experience that will remain with you forever. With such a mass of trails only accessible to jeeps, and professional and well equipped guides waiting to take you, make sure you don’t miss the experience to take a jeep tour in Israel.

Jeep Tour Highlights

The Negev Desert is full of off road trails which can be experienced by jeep. It is best to explore with the aide of an experienced guide who will know the terrain and keep you out of any danger. Jeep tours in the Negev enable you to explore the wadis and dunes, the ibexes and other creatures of the desert, and the unique flora and fauna that springs to life after just the smallest drop of rain.

The Negev is a magical place, and it is only when you actually venture into its depths that you can appreciate this. Popular places to take jeep tours in the Negev are at the Ramon Crater, from the hotels at the Dead Sea, and as an excursion from Jerusalem. It is also popular and possible to take a Jeep tour in the Eilat region.

In the Galilee and Golan Heights jeep tours provide a very different outlook to in the Negev. Its remarkably green, Tuscan-like landscape is akin to that of Italy or the Alps, where wine groves straddle the hillsides and small quaint villages house artisans and little hotels. Away from the roads, amazing beauty and history can be seen in this, land, the land of the Bible. A jeep tour in the Galilee or Golan Heights will transcend unique and magical scenes, scenes that have importance in the Bible and have been settled for millenia. The Galilee and Golan Heights are also amazing places to take jeep tours in Israel.