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Beit Lehem Ha'glilit

Particularly beautiful ancient stone houses and the enchanting landscape of an oak forest are the perfect settings that greet visitors to the picturesque Moshav of Beit Lehem Ha'glilit. This beautiful German Templer village, established 100 years ago, has been extraordinarily well preserved, and has even improved over the years.

It all started with a Templer vision to establish an ethical religious Christian community in the Land of Israel. To realize this vision, a group of German Templers arrived in Haifa at the end of the nineteenth century and bought land here. The first group of settlers, headed by Christof Hoffmann, established the village. 

True to their European lifestyle, they built large, spacious houses with big courtyards and adjoining dairy farms. A community center and a public building for worship and social life were erected in the center of the village, and next to it was the water tower that provided the village with water. During the Second World War, the Templers supported the German Nazi Party. As a result, their activity was halted and the British deported them to Australia. 

New immigrants and children of veteran moshav members from other moshavim settled in Beit Lehem Ha'glilit in April 1948 and established the present-day moshav. Visiting the moshav, you will see that most of the houses of the German colony have remained, and that the courtyards are adorned by large trees. Today, most of the residents engage in tourism, and the moshav has guest rooms, restaurants and coffee houses, art galleries, a spice farm, a modern dairy farm, and more. 

The moshav is located among enchanting hills of oak trees, among them giant ancient trees that have been preserved thanks to the Templers' opposition to the wild felling of trees by the Turks. Beneath and in between the local Tabor oak trees and snowdrop bushes, lush carpets of cyclamen, anemones, buttercups, irises, and other flowers blossom colorfully in the winter and spring. 

Nearby are Nakhal Tsipori, the Alonei Aba Nature Reserve, and Beit She’arim.