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For many Israelis, Nahariya means rest and recreation, a place where one can enjoy an active vacation amidst an atmosphere of serenity. Something about Nahariya catches one’s eye from the first instant. With the city’s center always bustling, its caf├ęs never empty, its beaches full of activities, Nahariya captivates you with its lingering charm.

Nahariya is Israel’s northernmost coastal city and a pioneer among the newer settlements of the Western Galilee. In 1934, German immigrants introduced industry and tourism to the city. Since 

then, these branches have grown significantly, and today, Nahariya is a major tourist city whose innovative approach is evident year-round.

Nahariya’s main thoroughfare, Sderot HaGa’aton, crosses the city from east to west. Flowing through the center of the boulevard is the Ga’aton River and during the rainy winter it is a pleasure to observe its waters rushing towards the sea. Along the length of this lively street are dozens of coffee houses, restaurants and shops. Lined up on the street during the summer and holiday seasons are beautiful horse-drawn carriages which have become the Nahariya’s symbol. Their pleasant drivers will be happy to take you on a tour of the city and the coast.

Another feature of the city is its tourist train which runs during summer evenings just when the pleasant sea breeze comes up. The train – a replica locomotive with two wagonettes – can carry about fifty passengers and is mostly suitable for youngsters. It departs from Sderot HaGa’aton and makes round trips from the city center to the beach.  

Other sites worth seeing include: Bielefeld Street where remains of a Byzantine church with its colorful mosaic floor were discovered; Beit Lieberman at 21 Gdud Street in the city’s south, built around 1860, which houses the Nahariya Historical Museum; the botanical and zoological garden at Ben Ga’on Street; and the wonderful playground near the beach.  The city recently built a new Olympic-sized sports arena which hosts games and international conferences. 

You can also take advantage of the many accommodations available in Nahariya. For your convenience, there are a variety of hotels, boarding houses and guest rooms, as appropriate for a pastoral resort town.

Nahariya’s proximity to the sea is beneficial to residents and visitors alike. The beautiful, long beach boasts a wonderful promenade lined with restaurants and coffee houses. An open bathing beach runs along the promenade, and nearby are lawns and playground equipment. A large sports and recreation compound was built at the southern end for those who enjoy roller skating, basketball and mini-soccer. The municipal bathing beach is located north of the promenade in the country club complex which offers sports and recreation facilities.

The promenade extends southward till the edge of Acre, and is good for walks, and for bicycling.  Diving fans will be interested in the popular spot with the remnants of the Kidon missile boat at the bottom of the sea.  

Nature lovers and others will enjoy the sites and beautiful nature reserves in the surrounding area, including Akhziv, The Bahai Gardens Betset Beach and Rosh Ha-Nikra.