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Paul Simon Concert in Tel Aviv

Paul Simon has confirmed that he will giving a concert in Tel Aviv, Israel on July 21, 2011 at the Ramat Gan stadium (in the suburb of Ramat Gan) as part of his world tour for his new album “So Beautiful or So What.” He is also expected to perform at venues across the United States and Europe.

Simon, who will celebrate his 70th birthday in October, will arrive in Israel as part of a concert tour promoting his new, critically acclaimed album “So Beautiful or So What”, which the singer considers his best in the past 20 years.

Simon launched his international concert tour on Monday. In the next two months he is expected to tour the United States and will arrive in Europe in June.

This will be Simon’s third concert in Israel. He first came here in 1978 for a solo gig, and returned in 1983 with Art Garfunkel as part of the Simon & Garfunkel duo.