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Arad and its surroundings have been blessed with beautiful landscapes, desert tranquility, and many walking trails nestled amongst untouched desert nooks, which are suitable for any age or style.

Arad of the new millennium is a town with young spirit and rich experience. The town, which was built according to international professional standards, is well planned. Even today, 40 years after its establishment, Arad is still clean, spacious, well organized and its residents’ hearts are always open to welcome any guest from anywhere in the world.

The ancient name "Arad" was preserved over thousands of years and is in fact known since the dawn of Eretz Israel – the ancient Bronze Era. Ancient Arad was built over 5,000 years ago next to the modern Arad. Being a big and important kingdom, Arad was an important trade center, while bridging between the Eastern side of the Jordan River, the Mediterranean Sea and ancient Egypt in the South, and the Euphrates and Tigris rivers (Mesopotamia) in the North.

The location of modern Arad has a wide range of advantages. 
In its East lies the Dead Sea, along with its many sites and possibilities. A beautiful scenic desert surrounds Arad. The Judea Desert lies on its North and on its South the spaces of the Eastern Negev – with their craters, impressive hills and wide Negev streams.

Within a few minutes from Arad you will find the Yatir Forest, Israel's largest forest, which offers a pleasant European climate all year long. Eight thousand acres of wide forest offer plenty of magical nature sites, remains of ancient settlements, a marvelous spring blossom, and clear mountain air all year long.

Arad is indeed the natural gate of the perfect desert vacation. It is the perfect starting point of any trip or holiday in the spaces of Israeli desert. Arad offers its guests a wide range of municipal services, tourism services, catering, lodging and plenty of tourism sites around the city and its near surroundings.