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June 6, 2011: In celebration of its long history as an epicenter for artists and creative thinkers, Jerusalem will present its Season of Culture Festival featuring a series of riveting artistic exhibitions, spanning the disciplines of dance, music, poetry, philosophy, visual art and new media, including:

  • The Merce Cunningham Dance Company Presents The Farewell Waltz (June 6-11): In collaboration with the Israel Festival and the re-imagined Israel Museum, the Season of Culture Festival will host seminal performances of The Farewell Waltz including site-specific interpretations created especially for museum spaces.       
  • Kutiman Online (June 16): Artist, musician and YouTube sensation Kutiman will unveil a digital presentation of his specially commissioned work for the Jerusalem Season of Culture Festival.


  • In-House: An Evening of Dance, Theater and Music (June 21-24): Jerusalem's unique private residences will open their doors to dance, theater, music and poetry performances, creating a special environment between audience and performer. 

  • Different Trains (June 30-July 21): The festival will feature an interpretation of the Steve Reich masterpiece, Different Trains, performed at an ancient and newly renovated Turkish prison at the Tower of David.  

  • Balabasta Festival (July 4,11,18,25): The Mahane Yehuda market will be transformed into a stage for dancers, musicians, sculptors, actors and poets presenting evening performances among the colorful market stalls.    

  • Contact Point (July 14): A festive evening featuring dancers, actors, poets, philosophers, musicians and DJs performing at the Israel Museum.    
  • Road to Zion (July 21): A musical celebration of Jerusalem bringing together international and local artists to celebrate the diverse spiritual paths that lead to Jerusalem.  

  • Renee Fleming (July 28): The world-renowned soprano Renee Fleming will present a one-off, open-air performance alongside the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra and Maestro Zubin Mehta at Sultan's Pool.