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Kfar Tavor

On a hillside overlooking the main road between Afula and Tiberias sits the sleepy, pastoral and picturesque moshava (form of Israeli agricultural community) of Kfar Tavor. New neighborhoods and a hotel have been built between the olive groves and the proud stone houses of the early settlers, who founded the moshava in 1901. The older residents may still call this place Meskha, after the nearby Arab village, but when the 28 houses on Founder’s Street were completed, Menachem Ussishkin (an early Zionist leader and president of the Jewish National Fund) suggested the Hebrew name, Kfar Tavor, after Mt. Tavor, which rises to the west of the moshava.

Kfar Tavor, situated in the eastern lower Galilee, was founded by 20 farming families from other moshavot in the Galilee. It was the second Jewish settlement to have an organized Jewish guard unit, and following its establishment, the Hashomer organization was founded in 1909 to train Jewish guards and prepare a Jewish security force.

Over the years Kfar Tavor changed its character and became a rural community. The developing moshava built more houses and a small industrial zone, and also unique tourism sites, some of which are based on the local history. Kfar Tavor is just off the main road, offering easy access to the visitors in the area. 

Tourists are invited to come here and enjoy a wealth of fascinating experiences. Many of the original buildings in the founders’ neighborhood have been preserved and reconstructed, and some serve as public buildings. The first school, for example, is now the local library, while the second school is still used as such.

A museum has been built right beside two authentic farm houses, and offers a glimpse at farm life during the moshava’s early years, including a farm house with all its contents, an audio-visual presentation, multi-media programs for children and an art gallery. In the courtyard is a marzipan museum, with an amazing marzipan display and confection workshops for the whole family. Along the moshava’s streets are quaint restaurants, cafes and rustic guest rooms.

Kfar Tavor also offers many possibilities for enjoyable nature walks in the surrounding area. The Ein Meskha spring in the eastern part of the moshava provided water for the early settlers and is now part of a recreation park with many activities. You can climb Mt. Tavor and visit the monastery at its peak, which offers a breathtaking view from 588 meters above sea level. You can also enjoy the beauty of the Tavor River on foot, bicycle or all - terrain vehicle.